laburnum conversations

a yellow carpet has grown in the backyard of our home.. the laburnum (xunaru) plant that papa had planted five years back to celebrate my brother’s birthday apparently is in full bloom this summer. the flowers have outgrown the leaves. i could only imagine the beauty! i suggested him to sow a royal Poinciana (krishnachura) plant next to the laburnum, cause they look so heavenly together!

after pondering over it for a while, he hummed that there’s already a jasmine tree(xewali) and a maulsari(bokul) plant quietly blooming their way so probably the Poinciana should be planted outside the main gate of our house. but then, he realised, it might be difficult for our neighbors who are constructing their house in few months to take the trucks loaded with cement, bricks and bamboo through the street; lest the plant blossoms into a full grown tree given it’s quick growth! oh! i lamented.


The laburnum plant at home this summer. Photo clicked by: Papa

Nevermind, he continued, the kaji nemu (long lemons) are juicily growing up as the incessant showers are kissing their cheeks with the tint of a fresher green this monsoon! Nice! i complemented. but there’s one thing that seemed to worry papa. this afternoon, in broad day light, few young boys (read: thieves) tried to cross inside our wall and break away the yet-to-ripe bunch of bananas! Although papa wanted them to ripe in their home itself, he is now contemplating whether it’ll be a better idea that they they ripe indoors given the constant vigil they demand! Indeed, I said. However, the brighter side of it all is that, papa is already thinking of the kind of vegetables he would like to grow in our tiny flower-cum-kitchen garden of the front yard this winter.

throughout this almost-an-hour-long conversation with papa, I had this quiet smile on my lips.. wondering, how amazingly beautiful and tranquil life is for him, amidst all issues of daily-life stressors. sure he must have gone through his share of difficulties as well. few of them we have witnessed ourselves during our growing up times. but i still can’t help being envious as to how he maintains such a simple yet profound approach to life! i wish i had such a passion clubbed with such deep compassion, for anything at all. i wish i could tell him that. that this chasing-the-unseen isn’t my thing anymore.. i wish i could gain that strength some day, to appreciate and be content with the small things life gifts us!


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