Fire again, again and again ..


Leap of Faith, Garhwal-Uttarakhand, 2015


the bullets are out through the barrel yet again
again and again; and again and again ..
from yours and mine too

in his face you saw a thousand us
have you ever wondered why?

nonetheless, fire as you may wish
fire until all your bullets smoke up in the smothered air
fire until all those million faces spread the stink everywhere
fire until the last child is made an orphan
fire until the last woman is stripped of her soul
fire until the last young mind is crippled
fire until a freedom-loving people become invisible

fire until you reclaim your pavitra bhumi
fire until you prove to be the purest patriot
fire until you prove that no faces belong to that land
fire until you establish that You indeed Own that land

fire until they learn what a ntaion is
a Nation minus it’s people -Your idea of a nation
fire until eternity
fire again, and again
and again and again …………………….


10th July, 2016



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