Ode to a companion


Jaipur Literature Festival, 2011

Your presence and your absence

Both have added much to this journey..

The journey that began from myself to you,

From being myopically drowned in the

ever-flowing sadness of floods to

discovering the drying happiness called droughts ..

This path has been one of deserts and seas

The cold has pinched my bones –

the warmth has hugged me on starless nights

through faces that I shall never know again,

Those which humbled me in each of those inns

Where I have rested for a while


Climbing mountains have never been my passion, really

But breathing those prodigious highs through

the eyes of the eroding trees have indeed been disquieting!

We are living in a spiteful world they say

But are we?

Why then, have I often found myself asking in this journey,

That they stand by the valley..

when it bleeds brown and not red for a change?

How then they jive to make abodes for those far and near?

There must be greys along those zebra crossings

with sprinkles of the monsoon rainbow!

So you, yes you

your junctions and stations;

your silence, your words,

your crowd, your solace;

All have made this journey worth the while.

thank you!*

*Five summers back, a river girl had embarked upon the rat race, in a desert town. She journeyed the race with elan and wonder; one that guaranteed her economic independence, but also demanded much from her in return. Nevertheless, through the way she found to have been humbled with gratitude – to each of those lives, places and experiences that have added to the person she is today growing to be. A vagabond with words, she peddles through to share her gratitude


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